This week’s friday fun link: Everyday Shooter

This week’s friday fun link costs money, $8.99 to be precise. One of the best reasons to own a Playstation 3, Everyday Shooter, is now available for the PC, and it’s on sale this weekend on Steam for a measly $9. This is 80’s arcade gaming-inspired perfection, with superb retro graphics and a guitar riff soundtrack to die for. Gameplay might be described as what you would get if an art student dropped acid and riffed on robotron. If you don’t buy this, you don’t like fun!

0 thoughts on “This week’s friday fun link: Everyday Shooter

  1. Matt Snow says:

    So I got this a while back, but it seems like you always have to start from the first stage, no matter what? I have made it to the 3rd or 4th stage, but always seem to have to start from beginning?


  2. dlh says:

    Hey Matt,

    Every time you play the game, you earn points, and you can spend those points to unlock different features of the game, including more lives at the start and the ability to start on whatever level you want to. You also have to beat a level to be able to start on it. You can unlock things using one of the menu items before you start a game.

    As to rising costs, it’s $9 measly dollars!


  3. Drew says:

    But the Friday fun links used to be free! Now the davecave is pushing us into cash money offerings. You working on commission now? 😉


  4. dlh says:

    Busted! I will make a whopping .18 cents if you and matt both buy a copy, which I will then spend on 1/4 of a gumball at my local candy store.



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