8 years of effort rewarded

Susan in front of the coop on its opening day

Here’s Susan in front of the new Northampton Coop on its opening day last week. She’s volunteered tons of her time over the last 8 years to bring this to fruition. We’ve already been in shopping twice already since then, and so far, so great.

0 thoughts on “8 years of effort rewarded

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks. I am uber-proud of the co-op. It has taken up an inordinate amount of my life over the years but it’s all been worth it. That first co-op purchased meal could not have been better.

    It’s definitely no Park Slope, Kirsten. PS is one of the oldest of cooperatives but I’ve heard stories that make it seem pretty intimidating and exclusive. Our co-op is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Can’t wait for you to come see it in person sometime.


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