0 thoughts on “Quick shot of Susan and I from this weekend

  1. Drew says:

    What was the theme? Blue? Do I see your collar button buttoned? Sure way to choke off your air supply.
    Good visit back to the old stomping grounds?


  2. dlh says:

    Black and Blue was the theme. There were blue martinis, a unique wineglass and charm for every guest, and a house decked out in black and blue. It was fun, though possibly I drank too much wine 😉

    The collar was funny. Susan was adamant I keep it buttoned up, because the host is known for being..particular about how people dress. I walk in the door and he was like ‘oh my goodness, unbutton that, you’ll be much more comfortable!’ Needless to say I teased Susan about that.

    It was great to romp around Portland. I pretty much drove Susan nuts, lost in a fog of memories and stories and forcing her to endure windy drives and walks all over the place checking out all my old fave places. Deweys was dead on a Saturday night, which shocked me. Also the bar and restaurant district has moved up onto Congress street, which also surprised me. Anyway, I had a ball.


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