How to play movies with subtitles on consoles – PS3 and XBOX360

The scenario: you downloaded some cool anime/samurai flick/bollywood musical, and you want to play it on your game console, but it has subtitles in separate .sub or .idx files. The solution if you run windows is to go visit the sub2divx homepage. It’s a little app that lets you bake those subtitles into the avi file so it will play on the consoles with the subtitles. There are some dependencies to get this running but the sub2divx page helpfully lists and links to everything you need. Just dump it all into one folder, point the app at the avi file and sub file, and off it goes. It’s fast too, a 2 hour movie broken across 2 avi files took me less than 10 minutes. It’s also flexible – you can tune the color, shadow, and highlight colors of the subtitles, adjust their position on the screen, and choose the font. It’s a great little tool.

[update 8-2010: after two reports that the tripod site this is hosted on is has a version of the software infected with a trojan, I’ve removed the link. Here’s a better link to investigate the software over on Be cautious and run your virus checker against your download, and don’t grab it from the author’s site. Or even better, read up on this and pick another tool – I’ve been using PS3 media server and no longer need to deal with this]

0 thoughts on “How to play movies with subtitles on consoles – PS3 and XBOX360

  1. mark says:

    Well if no one else is going to comment, thanks for the info! I haven’t tried it yet, but I assume it’ll work. Stoked that I finally can watch Persepolis!


  2. mhamed says:

    I have tried it , and it work fine on the ps3
    but on the xbox360 it doesn`t work
    if any one know something that i`ve missed plz tell me


  3. dlh says:

    Hey dude,

    1) I linked to someone else’s site – the file didn’t come from me.
    2) I linked to it a couple of years ago.
    3) It was not infected when I tried it.
    4) Try a little courtesy, and go bother someone else. Plenty of places to spread useless anger on the internet, my friends and I don’t need yours here.


  4. Jonas says:

    Alright, Ive got the same complaint as John “The Swear King” about this subbing software.
    The Important [.exe] Files are infected with a Trojan Horse!!


    • dlh says:

      Hey Jonas,

      Thanks for the heads up. I ignored the other guy since he didn’t seem credible. I removed the link and updated the post. Sorry for the bother,


  5. soupdragon says:

    I downloaded from the author’s site and files scanned clean with two antivirus/malware programs. I think it’s a false positive.

    In anycase I prefer Ripbot to “bake in” subtitles for streaming as the h264 codec is superior to DiVX.


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