Death of the CRT

(that would be cathode ray tube based television sets for the technotards out there)

Ok, so maybe they’re not completely dead yet, but as a symbol of their demise you can’t do much better than Sony stopping the manufacture of Trinitron sets. Trinitrons were for most of their existence the finest tube tvs you could buy, and I still own one today, the last of the great tube televisions in fact (an XBR960N for those keeping score). The irony from my perspective is that you still can’t buy a better tv than the one I own, if image quality and flexibility are your primary criteria. Anyway, a tip of the cap to the old crt as it fades into the sunset.

0 thoughts on “Death of the CRT

  1. Drew says:

    You can’t say the CRT didn’t have a heck of a run. It will be interesting to see how long they soldier even now that their production looks to be coming to an end.
    Should we save ours for the museums? Possible ebay collectible someday?


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