Yay Giants!

Ok, so the news of the Giants win is all over the planet at this point, and it’s not like I have anything super insightful to add, but…man, how fucking cool was that! The last 9 minutes of the game were 9 of the most excruciating minutes of my life – all game I had been waiting for the Patriots short passing attack I had been watching all season to show up and destroy us, and when the Pats finally marched down the field and scored in the 4th quarter I felt like all the wind had been sucked out of me. I had started getting hopeful that we could actually win after the Giants went up, and after the Pats score I was like…ugh, just like the Giants to get my hopes up and then crush them…but then…but then… the best drive in Giants history, the coolest catch by a Giants receiver since Mark Ingram’s amazing acrobatics against the Bills in the last Super Bowl the Giants won, and a suddenly mobile Eli Manning not only managing to escape the rush but managing to throw a reasonably accurate ball while on the move, something he never seems able to do. It was fucking amazing. When the defender fell down on Burress and he pulled in that go ahead touchdown I literally jumped around my dining room hooting, it was so freaking awesome. I’m still in shock, and I grin every time I think about it.

So: Yay Giants! Eli just paid the bill for what we paid for him, Coughlin finally gets a trophy and proves he can advance in the playoffs, Strahan gets a well deserved Superbowl victory to cap a hall of fame career, and Tiki can suck it up like the little bastard he turned out to be – poetic justice for him for sure.

[edit] one last comment, one which I say with a bit of wistfulness and in my role as Patriots fan (I’ve been watching every game they’ve played since I moved to Maine back in 1992) – the Patriots now go down as perpetrators of the biggest choke in Superbowl history, eclipsing the Colts choke against Joe Namath and the Jets way back when. Had it happened against anyone but the Giants, I would have been devastated, so Pats fans, I feel your pain. But they choked against my beloved Giants so – sucks to be you, but whoo fucking whoooooooo!

0 thoughts on “Yay Giants!

  1. Drew says:

    Am I correct in assuming you have removed your home address from the contact page of your website? lol 🙂

    After the game I checked out the rant&rave board on Boston Craiglist. Man was it brutal.
    That loss by the Patriots will be one remembered for a long, long time.
    And the win by the Giants? so sweet…


  2. Nick S. says:

    Funny that the two best SB’s I’ve seen yet were Giants victories (Giants over Bills after botched FG). The whole game this year just rocked. My allegiances being split fairly down the middle, I found myself cheering Eli down the stretch. Seems a deserving fellow.
    I thought the Pats looked a bit flat the whole game – Brady too. Overconfident? Anyway, the Giants D was really impressive. It was cool just to have a close game, but that was a great way to win.
    Congrats, fans.


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