Hats off to the Giants

Longtime readers know I’m a die hard Giants fan. I figured they would be lucky to win 8 games this season, so I’m in complete but very pleasant shock that they’re headed to the Superbowl. The last two weeks have featured two of my all-time favorite Giants games, rivaling only their Superbowl wins and their ’90 NFC championship upset of San Francisco. Both games have been down to the wire knuckle biting finishes, with me pacing back and forth in front of my TV, cursing the miscues (god help tynes if he had not redeemed himself in overtime after missing that field goal at the end of regulation). I also find it especially poetic that the game was basically decided by a Farve interception. I love Farve…just not when he’s facing the Giants.

Anyway, hats off to the Giants for a fantastic season. I don’t think they have a shot at beating New England, but I do hope they play a competitive game. Besides, I didn’t think they could beat the Cowboys or Green Bay either, and I was even worried about the Tampa Bay game, so…who knows 😉

0 thoughts on “Hats off to the Giants

  1. Drew says:

    I have to say, last nights game being the one game I have watched all season, was awesome. A real nail biter. When they positioned themselves for the winning field goal with 4 seconds on the clock I thought, what a great battle, right down to the wire. Then of couse, they missed. That interception in overtime was a true gift. I will watch the Super Bowl, and I will route for the Giants. If they win and wreck the Patriots perfect season I will watch all the Giants games next season, no matter how hard I find it to sit on the couch for that long a time.
    Oh, and I will make a trip to MA to gloat too 🙂


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