Christmas 2007 wishlist for the family

Ok family, you asked for it, here it is, my fabulous 2007 christmas wishlist.


Bladestorm for the Playstation 3

Ratchet and Clank:Tools of Destruction for the Playstation 3

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for the Playstation 3

Crysis for windows PC

The Witcher for windows PC

Other stuff:

The outrageously expensive Logitech G9 mouse (it’s cheaper in some places than in others – do not pay above $60-70 for this mouse)

A nice compact set of binoculars – they don’t need to be super expensive, just not junky, and they need to be light and small so I can take them with me hiking. A model with a case with some sort of clasp or belt loops or something that will allow me to attach it to my gear would be ideal.

Clothing – slacks and button up shirts, and henleys are all good. 34x 32 on pants, shirts I wear a large generally. I wear gap casual type stuff to work. I tend to not like garish colors, earth tones are safer, intricate patterns, stripes and the like are pretty dicey. Solids are safer.

This coat, Shoreman’s Fleece from the Duluth trading company, color brick size large regular.

Anything from my Amazon wishlist would be good.

A good pair of black leather driving gloves, lined.

a nice fleece winter hat

a nice fleece winter scarf

This kitchen knife

A chargepod – just the base station, I will buy the adapter tips I need, but if you insist: I need a blackberry charger, a Nintendo DS Lite charger, a Sony PSP charger, and an Ipod Nano 1st generation charger.

That’s about it, oh, excepting the one gift I keep asking for and never get – Bush in chains, damnit!


0 thoughts on “Christmas 2007 wishlist for the family

  1. Drew says:

    Some of the guys in my gaming clan have less then stellar things to say about Crysis. Not sure why as I have always seemed to enter the conversations towards the end.
    If you get that mouse let me know what you think of it. I am in the market for a new one as well.
    How’s the doggy? Tell her Stan says w00f!


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