Game solved: Halflife 2 Episode 2

I finished the latest episode of Halflife 2 this weekend. Overall I’d give it a B. It’s got the same solid Halflife 2 production values and the engine still looks great, and there’s one significant gameplay element added, a gravity gun launched sticky bomb that has to be set off with a pistol to deal with a certain situation. Honestly though beyond that HalfLife 2 is beginning to feel a bit stale. The story is still engaging, and ends in such a way that leaves me wanting to know/play more, but for the most part this pak feels like a rehash, with the same sort of situations we’ve seen in Halflife 2 before, differentiated by being set in new level geometry or featuring a different character or a new weapon. Also I’m starting to get aggravated with a couple of longstanding Source engine bugs – the sound stuttering bug (I mean

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