Friday fun – Wizards of Wor remake

In the 80’s, there was the arcade game Wizards of Wor, and the teenagers did say ‘it was very good.’ But in the 90’s the arcades did die off, and the arcade gamers from the 80’s did say unto the lord ‘woe is us, for the youngins do play games of great complexity and less fun!’ And the lord of arcade fun did hear their prayers, and in the 2000’s he caused to be a resurgence of fan made classic arcade game remixes and remakes, and the arcade gamers of the 80’s rejoiced, and did play many, and fun was had. But still, there was no longer a Wizards of Wor, and the arcade fans of the 80’s did wish there would be one. And lo, Dave discovered that there WAS one, and he linked to it in his blog. And there was much rejoicing and blasting of demons with laser blasters by all.

[link courtesy of indygamer, quixotic tone courtesy of my mood. Game for windows only, tiny download, great meticulously crafted pixelicious graphics, difficult to master controls. Check it out]

0 thoughts on “Friday fun – Wizards of Wor remake

  1. Drew says:

    And it was realized that Drew still has the Atari 5200 which also has a Wizard of Wor cartridge.
    And maybe this weekend Drew will round all his console systems up from his moms house and give them a going over and play Tron Deadly Discs!


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