Recipe for gaming nirvana – Everyday Shooter


  • 1 or more gamers raised on old school 80’s twitch arcade games
  • 1 Playstation 3
  • 1 2 stick/8 way shooter incorporating awesome guitar rock soundtrack cleverly integrated into the gameplay, 8 bit generation inspired but modern sensibility informed graphics, and novel scoring mechanic.

Download game from psn store, and play, play, play. Details:

(translation: Everyday Shooter is absolutely fantastic. I’ve gotten more mileage out of 8 way shooters on my PS3 than any other form of entertainment on the thing. $9.99, and no one who has a PS3 should pass this up. Even if you don’t have a ps3, watch the video. Road trips to my house will follow.)

0 thoughts on “Recipe for gaming nirvana – Everyday Shooter

  1. Drew says:

    The video shows an endless stream of fire against things moving pretty slow that never appear too threatening. Can I assume it picks up the pace at some point? What the video doesn’t show is the point of any of it. Is there an objective?


  2. dlh says:

    the objective is like all the old school arcade games – score the most points before you die. That’s the first level mostly, and so it’s a lot easier than other levels. But also, while it’s easy to simply blast everything, that won’t score you the most points – there’s a compelling risk reward factor in the form of multipliers and combos to each of the levels – ie, the more danger you allow yourself to get into, the more points you can score out of it. Even better, each level has an entirely different mechanic for those risks versus rewards. The game is really awesome and has displaced Super Stardust HD as my fave PS3 game.


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