Parting out my media box

Back in July of 2003 I turned on my media box, and it’s served me well since then, happily running the excellent Snapstream, recording shows for me, and playing back stuff I grabbed off the web. But recently I subscribed to Directv, and I got an HD DVR as part of the subscription. I decided to go that route rather than invest in the hardware I would need to record HD video, and besides, I’d rather get windows out of my living room. I’m planning on getting a dedicated video playback device to handle downloaded videos, something like this or this.

The end result is I’m going to part out this box, selling off what I can on ebay. This is the model I have, which got great reviews at the time. It’s been running 24×7 for years now and I’ve been nervous about the fans and power supply for a while now, but all has continued to work fine. If anyone’s interested, speak up. It’s got a gig of ram in it, whatever the last Athlon XP I had, a Hauppauge mpeg hardware video encoder card, an old Nvidia 5200 class video card, and that’s about it. I’m keeping the DVD burner and hard drive. I’ll let all this go for cheap, make me an offer in the comments if you want it. Speak quick because by this weekend I’ll probably have parts of it up on ebay – I want to take the money from the parts and buy one of the media boxes listed above.

0 thoughts on “Parting out my media box

  1. dlh says:

    Yeah that popcorn hour device has come out of left field. Basically, before it was announced an HD playback device with a good reputation was $350 and up. Suddenly this thing is out at under $200 and shaking up the market. BUT: it’s not actually out yet. Beta testers have been reporting it lives up to its promises in the AVS forums, but until retail units have been reviewed I’m not buying. It all does seem promising though.


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