A movie in honor of Halo day

So, today’s Halo day in north america, probably globally as well though I haven’t paid close enough attention to know for sure. Despite my mixed feelings about Halo, I’ve got my copy and will be playing it online tonight. In honor of Halo day, here’s a live action halo movie created as part of the marketing effort to convince Hollywood to finance a Halo movie. Or something. Either way, pretty cool live action Halo follows:

0 thoughts on “A movie in honor of Halo day

  1. dlh says:

    almost all positive. I like it, though I do agree that it’s more of the same with better graphics. Nothing wrong with it and so far single player has been fun. Multiplayer I get my head handed to me and server browsing is more of a pain in the arse compared to pc browsing but still, it’s fun


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