A webpage creation tool so simple even a technotard can use it

Check out www.jottit.com, a new site which lets you build a webpages or an entire site. The interface couldn’t get any simpler -there is none, you simply type text (or html if you know it) into a form. To create new pages you hit one of the few ‘buttons’ available on the site, and you can similarly edit previously created pages. You can create an account and get a subdomin to permanently store your pages at, which I’ve done (it’s at tempus.jottit.com), and you can choose whether or not to make pages public or share the ability to edit them with others.

I’m really enamored with this, for many of the reasons I like wikis so much. This lowers the barrier to entry for creation of web content – if you can type text, you can create web pages, basically – while still allowing for more more sophisticated content creation for those who need it. Having spent this summer getting beat up via proxy by the alumni of my current employer, who are displeased with the complexity of the tools we’ve built for them, a drop dead simple interface like this has distinct charms.

It’s not clear for how long this will be free or what the creators’ intent is for the service, so I don’t know that I’d go building out a lot of content in this yet, but it’s easy as can be to pop over and check it out and is well worth a look.

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