Podcasts worth listening to: 1up yours

This has been sitting in my wordpress unpublished queue for ages waiting for me to get around to finishing the post and publishing it. A shame, that, since it’s one of my favorite podcasts. 1up yours covers videogames, mostly from a console perspective but they do pay some attention to the PC market as well. The show’s a bit on the raw side, sort of an aged frat boy (but maybe don’t know it) tone, and sometimes they drink too much and descend into exuberant incoherence, but all in all they do a really good job of covering the week’s gaming news, they occasionally do really good in depth coverage of issues, and several of the hosts have an encyclopedic knowledge of games (Shane especially) that’s really impressive and helps give context to the new games they’re talking about. Check it out using the link above, or find it in iTunes by searching for 1up yours.

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