Skitch invites for mac users

Usually when I have these to offer they’re for the PC, and Skitch is eventually coming to PC as well, but right now it’s mac only. It’s this great little photo editor/screen capture/ftp/ssh/dav/more client that’s integrated with the OS and with a variety of web tools. Grab a photo from anywhere – a screengrab of your machine, a jpg/gif/whatever, retouch it, then post it to your website/blogger/facebook/whatever. It sounds pretty geeky but it’s actually really well designed and extremely handy and well worth checking out.

I have 2 invites. Mac users, get your game on – first 2 to post in my comments get the invites, preference given to folks I know versus folks who find this via google (sorry, got to hook up the friends first). I’ll hand out the invites on Wednesday after folks have a chance to react.

0 thoughts on “Skitch invites for mac users

  1. dlh says:

    Kevin, I sent your invite.

    Matt, I don’t seem to have a working email address for you – drop me an email at my david.hamilton gmail address, or leave a comment here so I know which address you want me to send the invite too.

    Andrew, I know you’re a mac poseur!


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