Dailylit – a nice change of pace for your day

I’ve been reading a few paragraphs of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World each day thanks to the novel service provided by dailylit, which will send you a small section of a book each day. You can choose whether to have it sent to your email address, or you can subscribe to an RSS feed. I’m a little surprised by how much I’ve been enjoying this. It provides a nice break in my RSS reader from what is otherwise a pretty dense collection of tech related feeds, and it only takes a few moments to read the segment I get each day. They have a decent selection of works available, including old stuff like Doyle and Verne, but also modern books from folks like Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross. Worth trying if you want something to break up your day and you can find something you’re interested in in their collection.

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