And the health hits just keep on coming

So I had a Doctor’s appointment today, and ironically I woke up in the middle of the night tossing my cookies. Still, I went, after clearing my stomach of everything. In July I did a faceplant into the sand while body surfing, worst I have ever done in more than 20 years at Robert Moses, and it turns out that it created a cyst on the inside of my lower lip which I will have to have surgically removed. Meanwhile my shoulder is still screwed up so next week I have to get an MRI, and to top things off I’m having chest pain when I exercise, so today I had an EKG for the second time in my life. All was well with that so now they think it’s cartilage or tendon related in my chest.

If that’s not bad enough, I took Soolin for a walk and there was bright red blood in her poop. She seems to have caught the ‘dave is cursed to have oddball health troubles’ disease. I’m off to the vet this afternoon to get this looked into, here’s hoping all is well with that.

0 thoughts on “And the health hits just keep on coming

  1. dlh says:

    vet said not to worry, it’s some kind of intestinal tract infection and soolin is now on antibiotics again. There’s still blood in her stool though so it’s still freaking me out. Meanwhile the vet also found she has a double ear infection so she’s on twice daily ear drops too. This household is cursed or something!


  2. Asmerl says:

    Glad to hear the vet didn’t feel there was a need to panic (though I can completly understand you still freaking out – I would be). I guess in a way the blood in the stool was a blessing in disguise though because you found out about the ear infections. Hope the pup is feeling better soon.


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