I’m back

Vacation was great, definitely one of the best AGCW’s to date. The weather was perfect, blue skies for the entire time, temps in the low 80’s up into the mid 90’s, and great sites about mid-way along Black Mountain Shore on Lake George. I’ll post pictures and more as I have time this week.

0 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Drew says:

    I concur, truly a great outing. One hint of thunder that had us hastily setup the gaming shelters,but that came to naught and it was smooth sailing and clear skies the rest of the time.
    The campsites were very nice. Though if we had neighbors they would have encroached a bit due to the proximity of the campsites. But, no one ever moved in, and truth be told, the evening activities were mellow (all of us over 40 now??).
    The fire pit served well and we were able to meet our consumable needs daily. Patrick did a fire performance/sculpture exhibit on the last night that was quite interesting.
    The geocache outing was fun, though we all got tricked into it with the tall tale of going swimming and jumping off a rock or something along those lines. I do not recommend hiking in water shoes. Next time we have to be sure to print the clues to the caches as we were unable to find one up on the Vista overlook. The first one, that I missed finding with the group as I had not caught up yet, was actually placed by the 2003 Northport HS E-Team. That is pretty funny and makes for a good small world story. E-Team 1985 myself.
    Lots and lots of time spent in the water. Cliff jumping, swimming, snorkeling and general floating around with beverages 🙂
    Patrick got “asked” to go fish by his campsite whilst floating about on a tube with a fishing pole. Neighbors to the north not very neighborly for some reason.
    JT swam across Lake George from our campsite to the island on the west shore where we cliff jump. He had a bundle of orange ballons tied to him as a marker. It was fairly early in the am so boat traffic was minimal. A feather in his cap for succeeding.
    Firsts for this year that I can think of:
    A tent ceiling fan brought by myself. It also has a 4 led light for reading which works well. It worked decent enough, really only necessary of the humidity is up. Most nights it was not necessary as it did cool off at night.
    Portable DVD player brought by Scott. Movies around the campfire.
    Laptop with cellular card brought by JT. Apparently he had some work to get done and was able to accomplish it, that or his battery died and got him off the hook.
    Hammock Tent brought by Dave H. Very neat way to camp. Allowed Dave a lakeside (6 feet maybe 8?) camping experience between 2 trees. Dave mentioned that the wave action was whitenoise to drown out the Gatman’s snoring 🙂
    Cell phone service was generally very good. My Nextel service was 3 bars at my tent so evening calls home were possible every night as long as I turned the phone off to preserve battery.
    Overall, it was a great time. It was very relaxing and enjoyable. I am already looking forward to AGCW 2008.


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