Want Pownce?

So thanks to my friend Tony, I have a Pownce account and have some spare invites to share. If you’re not familiar with it, Pownce is the latest project from Kevin Rose, the former techtv host who started Digg. To be honest aside from sharing the occasional file I don’t really see the use of Pownce yet, but I also failed to see that Digg would take off, thinking at the time it was slashdot only with dumber people commenting, so who knows, maybe I’m missing something with Pownce and it will be the next big thing.

It’s basically like twitter or your instant messenger client, with some web-publishing capabilities and an Adobe Air client. If you want an invite, leave me a note in the comments with the email address you want it sent to and I’ll hook you up. If I don’t hear from anyone I’m going to register for inviteshare and see how well that works – it’s a great idea, no idea if the implementation is good though.

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