Soolin’s hot spot worsens

This image was gross enough that I didn’t want to put it on the front pages of my site – if you’re interested in seeing how this is progressing, check it out, but be aware it’s pretty disgusting. It actually looks much worse than yesterday, though I suspect this is because the topical agent I spray on her three times a day is drying it out and what’s happening is scabs are beginning to form.

Credit where it’s due – she’s a total trooper about all this, with her lampshade on and having to deal with me spraying her injury with what must feel like acid to her based on her reaction (this from a dog that normally seems pretty immune to pain). She’s moping a bit and seems to crave affection a bit more than usual but is otherwise coping pretty well with it all.

0 thoughts on “Soolin’s hot spot worsens

  1. Drew says:

    Looks like it is scabbing over and pussing up a bit. Probably a good sign. Is she on anti biotics for infection?
    Still no pic of Soolin in the lamp shade though 😦
    Did they give you any topical stuff for her leg? I am thinking something along the line of Bacitracin or the other stuff that I am forgetting the name of right now.
    Give her a pat on the head for me.


  2. dlh says:

    she is on antibiotics, an antihistamine, and a topical spray. Giving her pills never ceases to amaze me – I have to literally jam it down to the back of her throat, something she lets me do without a complaint. If someone tried to do to me what I have to do to her to get her to take a pill, there would be serious trouble.

    Sorry to say if all goes well, you will get no pic of her with a lampshade on – the worst of the itching seems to have passed today so I have been letting her be, scolding her whenever I catch her about to lick it. I have to watch her like a hawk but so far it seems to be ok.


  3. Drew says:

    I play tricks on Stan with pills. I toss him treats, liver treats, 3 of them then the 4rth is a pill. He falls for it most of the time.
    Glad she is feeling better. I will have to photoshop a pic of the lampshade on her I guess 🙂


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