In which I take a breather for the weekend

So after several weeks of manic activity – hiking, traveling to Cape Cod, Long Island, and upstate New York – I decided to take a breather this weekend. Friday I went out with a connection in Lee, MA and had a great time. We went out to dinner at the Bombay Grill, during which I tried the Hot Lemon Pickle soup. Who can resist a soup with that name? Turns out I should have, it was (intentionally) served cold and was inedible – very spicy with a terrible texture and taste. When they first set it on the table I took one look and ‘cat food’ sprang into my head. I couldn’t get it out, even though it tasted nothing like cat food. The dinner was otherwise very good however. Afterwords we

0 thoughts on “In which I take a breather for the weekend

  1. Jesse says:

    Emmet’s dog used to do that and did it once to the point of actually putting herself in shock. She managed to remove all the hair from the backs of both her legs and it was all raw and gross… Saw the vet and then she basically didn’t get up for a couple of days. Turns out she is super allergic to wheat. Any time she gets any wheat she will do the same thing to some degree… hopefully that’s what you’ve got, but to a lesser degree.

    Mange? What would make you jump all the way to that?


  2. dlh says:

    Turns out it is a hot spot, caused by swimming and then me not drying her soon enough. I began to think it was mange because first, Soolin met the Wilson’s dog in NY over the weekend and it has a set of unresolved skin issues, and because I started googling and the only dog skin issue I was aware of was mange, so I looked at pictures and was like, hmm, it does look like that.

    Anyway she is on the mend now and it’s not mange, I posted about it in another story.


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