Game solved: Rogue Trooper

Rogue Trooper is an FPS with some very light rpg elements that’s available on a number of systems. I played through it on the PC thanks to my gametap subscription. It’s a little better than I expected it to be, and worth the ~$5-10 you can get the game for off of ebay or via valve’s steam download service. The game is clearly a console game, with low poly environments and enemies, not especially detailed character models, muddy textures, chunky movement, and fairly linear level design, and yet despite all this it’s pretty fun if and has an engaging pulpy comic book story to play through. The PC port is also better than most console ports and has configurable controls, supports a wide swatch of resolutions including the widescreen stuff. The lite rpg stuff in the game is cool too. Basically you can collect resources from the enemies you defeat to power up your gear, produce ammunition for your weapons, and develop new pieces of equipment. It’s all predetermined as to when you can develop new gear, but there’s also a nice tension

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