Play Red Orchestra for free on me

Red Orchestra is a fantastic fps that simulates combat in WWII on the eastern front. I’ve written about it a couple of times before. Though I don’t play much anymore it’s still my current fave fps. They recently released a major engine and content update (more players per match, new maps, etc) and to celebrate they gave all players 2 free passes they can give to friends so their friends can try the game. First 2 folks to say the word get a free pass from me. Not sure how long it lasts, probably at least a couple of days, certainly long enough to get a feel for the game, and it’s cheap enough to buy if you end up liking it. Post in the comments to get your pass.

0 thoughts on “Play Red Orchestra for free on me

  1. Drew says:

    The passes are good for one month from date of issue. I also have 2, so people should jump on this fast as I think 2 weeks may already have passed.
    This is a great game that does have a slight learning curve. It is great enough that I play competitively with the Right To Rebel () clan.
    Screen name Lt.Bravogolf
    We have 5 servers that are admin’ed actively to keep the BS to a minimum. Straight up game play. Anyone being an a$$hat gets the boot.
    If you like first person shooters I urge you to try this game. Do not let early frustrations drive you away. Take the time to get your keys mapped to suit you and get used to the game.


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