Housefire scare

I lost two friends in college to a house fire and I’ve been nervous about them ever since. Last night I got the shit scared out of me by a keening smoke alarm. I went to bed around 12 after watching the Sopranos and Tudors finales. I fell asleep and woke some time later to the smoke alarm going off. I woke up pretty quickly, popped the light on and noticed smoke seeping under the door. Shit! I did just like they taught you in elementary school and felt the door for heat. There was none so I grabbed a fire extinguisher (I keep one in my closet) and popped open the door. The house was thick with smoke. I started running through the house popping on lights to try and find the source of it. It had a very funny smell and at first I thought it was electrical, but eventually I found that a burner in the kitchen was on and had started a fire in the pan I cooked my dinner in. The lid was on it and it had been simmering away for over an hour. I had a tex mex burger with jalape

0 thoughts on “Housefire scare

  1. dlh says:

    Not yet. I tried airing the house out while I was at work yesterday but it didn’t really help that much. Tonight I am going to try scented tea lights in every room and see how that goes.


  2. Drew says:

    Hmm, farther down the page.

    You can remove almost any odor from your home by boiling cinnamon and cloves in about two cups of water. This will not only eliminate lingering odors, but freshen the air in your home as well.


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