Kudos to gametap on version 3.0

Gametap released their version 3.0 client yesterday and revealed a host of new services, including a free client which gives access to a set number of games each month for free to anyone. It’s all accessible via their website and is definitely worth checking out if you’re a PC gamer. I subscribed several months ago and while I wish they would provide better access to the .ini files of the games they install, and come up with a way to allow the installation of mods and patches, overall it’s a fantastic bargain. For about $80 a year I get access to over 1000 games ranging from classic arcade games from the 80’s to stuff released within a few months of retail release. There’s a lot of chaff in their collection but there are more than enough gems to make it all worthwhile.

As an added incentive to check out the service, they provided access to the remake of the original tomb raider game which has been getting great reviews. If you’re on a PC definitely check it out, free is free after all.

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