Egoboo gets a sequel

This week’s friday fun link is to Soulfu, the new game from the guy who brought the world Egoboo so long ago. Egoboo was a sort of ‘roguelike meets gauntlet’ action adventure game that never really found a wide audience but that showed a lot of promise. Soulfu is still a work in progress – the networking is not yet included and because everything is randomly generated it feels a bit disjointed, but there’s fun to be had in a mindless kind of way, and the art style is great. Check it out if you’re on windows and looking to try something lightweight and fun. Windows only, sorry to say.

If you’re on mac or linux or you’re just curious, Egoboo is still being maintained and can be fun to mess about with, too, using the link above will bring you to the portal where you can download it for your platform.

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