Back from camping on the west sacandaga

First, for those who just want to look at the pictures, check out the photo gallery. All in all it was a great trip. There were a couple of minor bummers and one major one which I’ll get to at the end, but they didn’t take away from a great trip, the best part of which had to be the camping spot perched on a cliff’s edge at least a couple hundred feet above the largest waterfall I found, nestled in a pine forest. It was awesome.

This was bushwhack hiking – mostly on unmarked, almost, or completely nonexistent trails used mostly by seasonal fisherman. It was obvious I was the first person this season to make my way back into the woods by the state of the fire pits and the complete lack of tracks. I’d tried this hike once before with Andrew but we made the mistake of following the trails and ended up far from our goal, causing us to abandon our goal. This time I found my way though I still stumbled about a bit. Next time I’ll know better to stay up along the ridgeline instead of making my way up and down it in a continual hope that it would remain a stable trail at the base of it. Some positional information for folks interested in making this hike:

0 thoughts on “Back from camping on the west sacandaga

  1. Nick S. says:

    Sounds like a fantastic trip man. I like your tent. And that camp above the falls sounds like a great spot. Good on ya!


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