Odd product advice from me: magic eraser is awesome

So I’m not generally in the habit of making household cleaning recomendations, and anyone who has visited me over the years knows that I’m a bachelor and my house reflects that in the grand sense of the word, but man, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is awesome. I was first clued into them because of the issue of hand grease accumulating on laptops and being difficult to remove. The Magic sponge does work wonders on that, but I’ve also discovered it’s great for other things, like cleaning off a greasy stovetop, scouring soap scum off of a bathtup, removing marks off of walls, and generally it can clean anything that I used to scrub and curse at. They’re not that expensive and they seem to work wonders – well worth trying the next time you have to clean up your stove if for no other reason.

0 thoughts on “Odd product advice from me: magic eraser is awesome

  1. mom says:

    I, too, just discovered the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and I agree it is awesome. We used it to clean a very dirty fridge at school. Can’t wait to use it around the house. Also tried out my Black and Decker blower/vacuum/mulcher today. It rocked! But now I have a back ache from doing too much bending and weeding-type yard work! Not as much fun as sucking up all those leaves from my garden with the cool new tool. Thanks again for the Christmas mulcher Dave!


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