Breaking news – Valve exposes customer credit card data

If you’re a valve customer who’s paid for a game using their Steam content delivery system, be aware: once again Valve has been hacked, and this time it appears customer credit card information has been stolen. I’m pretty pissed off about this. I’m a valve customer myself, and you would have thought that they would have learned a lesson about the importance of strong network security after a hacker broke in a couple of years ago using trivial means and stole their source-code and released it online. But no, apparently they still have a cavalier attitude towards security despite having millions of customer credit cards. Making matters worse, their response to the issue has been abysmal – basically the community is outing them, otherwise they would not have said a word about it to date.

Anyway be aware. I’ll follow up as more details emerge, but it’s possible if you bought from them that your credit card is on the p2p networks or sold off to some russian crime syndicate or whatever.

[via joystiq] (and Tony who mentioned it to me yesterday)

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