It’s a Lord of the Rings weekend

Today’s the day folks – head on over to the official site and grab yourself a copy of the new Lord of the Rings Online. It’s entering public beta today and everyone is welcome to play. I was admitted to the private beta and I enjoyed it enough that I pre-ordered a copy and have been playing. If you don’t have the time to check the link to my old post, I can sum it up in a few words: the game is a very competent if slightly less polished clone of World of Warcraft with a few interesting gameplay elements to differentiate itself. It’s definitely worth checking it out even if you don’t like MMORPG’s, just so you can run around the Shire as a Hobbit or help Gandalf deal with invaders in dwarven halls. Join me in the race to level 15 (the open beta level cap) on the Windfola server. I’m Siven the Hobbit Burgler and I’m still trying to help get the Shire postal service get itself back in shape.

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