Windows remake of the Lords of Midnight

Lords of Midnight is one of those cult games from the 80’s that people my age talk about in reverant and glowing terms. It was originally released for the Amstrad so it didn’t achieve quite the same following in the US that it did in Europe and elsewhere, and I’ll confess I didn’t run into it in my youth despite having an enormous collection of C64 games. I did play it years later when C64 emulation became viable though, and I mention it today because I happened across a great windows port of the original game. The graphics have been spruced up a bit from the original, but the core gameplay remains. It’s aged pretty well considering how long ago it was originally released, and the central theme is strongly reminscent of the lord of the rings, featuring an epic quest, an ultimate evil, and a diverse roster of characters to encounter, ally with, or fight with. This is free for the download for Windows folk and worth a look for a friday diversion.

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