Slash’em meets eye of the falcon

Slash’em is my favorite roguelike, though T.O.M.E. is a close second. They’re sort of two opposites of a spectrum. Slash’em is a roguelike distilled down to tactical dungeon crawling RPG combat in its purest form, whereas T.O.M.E. layers in the mythology of Tolkein’s Middle Earth, adds an overworld, various kinds of quests, and more. They’re both excellent in their own right. Slash’em recently got the graphical overhaul and features that Falcon’s Eye introduced, so if the bare bones graphics put you off in the past, give the enhanced version a look and see if it works better for you. I actually still prefer the tiny tiled version but it’s not for everyone, and maybe the enhanced version is for you. This will run across all platforms, though the mac and linux versions take a little unix-foo to get running.

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