Excellent Gravitar remake

Gravitar was one of those arcade games that never got as large of a following as it deserved. Possibly it was because unlike some of the greatest games of its era, it had a limited set of levels that just started repeating, and there weren’t all that many of them. I loved it back in the day despite this. Anyway I happened across an excellent modern take on it this week – check out blackened interactive’s Gravitar remake, Gravitron. Great vector graphics, a tiny download, and a level editor is included. If you’re unfamiliar with Gravitar, the basic gameplay involves piloting a spaceship with asteroids-like controls in an environment with gravity. Your task is to destroy the generators on each level while avoiding the fire of their defenses, rescuing any stranded astronauts you can manage, and making sure not to run out of fuel while you’re at it. Simple but fun.

The author promises to consider any fan-created levels for inclusion with further releases of the game, so if you feel like exercising your creative side here’s your chance to shine. I should also mention this is windows only and as usual a tiny download.

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