Reflection on being 40

I turned 40 on March 7th. I took the week of nominally to celebrate this, and one of the things I did was tinker with a post trying to capture where my head is at these days. I’ve written in entire sections and then redacted them and I’ve played with a couple of different themes. I’ve finally concluded I should just keep it simple. I happened across a Kurt Vonnegut quote that sums up how I feel about it all better than I could write, so I think I’ll share it:

The greatest peace comes from the knowledge that I have enough.

When I boil it all down, that’s where I’m at at present – content with my lot, challenged by and enjoying my career, surrounded by the material comforts I need and fortunate enough to be in a position to acquire the ones I simply want, and looking forward to at least another 40 years of it 🙂

0 thoughts on “Reflection on being 40

  1. Nick S. says:

    Aye, happy belated from the west side as well. I’ve got a few months of 39 left too. I once asked my mom why people say, “life begins at 40”. Her answer depressed me. She said, “because they’re 40!” Booo! I don’t buy it – I have had a lot of moments recently where I’ve said to myself, “now I know what they meant”, and it’s been genuinely because of some eye-opening experience that wasn’t possible to me before.
    Also, I heard a good point about regret recently. There are two kinds: regret for things you did do and regret for things you didn’t do. Short term regret is always for things you did do, and long term regret is always for things you didn’t do. Seems true for the most part.


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