Heating bills not as bad as I expected

When I was in NY, my monthly heating for my tiny little cottage was as high as $250 a month to feed the natural gas fueled stove that heated the place. Given this, I was afraid the heating bill for my 3 bedroom, uninsulated, no storm window, breezy 3 bedroom, turn of the century farm house were going to be north of $500. Happily it’s turned out that ~$300 is about as high as it’s going to get. Nothing to sneeze at but man, it’s a relief. Granted, I’ve had to make some sacrifices, sleeping in the living room for the last month and a half and sealing off the unheated (aside from by convection) upstairs rooms, maintaining a max 62 degree setting on the thermostat, and clothing myself in multiple layers to keep off the chill, but most of that I’m used to from my years in Maine anyway so all things considered this is great news.

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