Let the record reflect that first snowfall of the year was today

Today, January 19th, is the first time this winter that snow has actually accumulated on the ground. This is by far the latest I can ever recall this happening in my lifetime of living in the northeast. We also had a 70 degree day the first weekend of January, which I can not recall ever happening either. Is it global warming? Who knows, all I know is that to the best of my recollection nothing like this has ever happened before during my lifetime.

0 thoughts on “Let the record reflect that first snowfall of the year was today

  1. Jesse Hamilton says:

    Here in Seattle, we have had two snows already, and overall, an unusually (for me and my 6 years here at least) frikkin cold winter. It’s supposed to warm back up to normal next week, but it’s been all sorts of icy. Check this out… Not sure when it was from, but I would guess it was from the middle of this month. I drove down from the top of Queen Anne on the same type of ice. It was insane.


  2. dlh says:

    That video is funny. Who was the idiot behind the wheel who had the accelerator pegged the whole time, they should have their driver’s license taken away.


  3. Drew says:

    HA! That was pretty good. Silly people. Hard to tell it is a hill from the perspective given from the camera.
    That first guy in the SUV has some explaining to do to his insurance company.


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