Convert VMWare images to work with Parallels

Got Parallels running on the mac and wishing the broad variety of virtual OS images available for VMWare were available for Parallels? Check out this short tutorial, and your wishes will come true. You’ll need quemu running on your mac but it’s free and easy to get going.

0 thoughts on “Convert VMWare images to work with Parallels

  1. Drew says:

    Kind of off topic but related.

    That VMware converter app you hooked me up with a few weeks ago is the CHAMP! Seriously a very cool utility. Point at physical PC, say virtualize on this VMware server and BAM!
    It is so easy a caveman could do it.
    I did a user system yesterday. It took about 30 mins, and it is completely transparent to the user.
    2 thumbs up to VMware converter!!


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