Game over man – Company of Heroes

Yesterday’s lackluster NFL games (3 of the 3 games broadcast in my area were complete blowouts – only the first half of the colts game was interesting) led to some free time for me, so I played Company of Heroes and beat the last two levels. My opinion remains the same – this is one of the best games I played in 2006. The simple fact that I finished it speaks to that, since I play tons of games yet finish very few. Anyone interested in WWII strategy gaming is well advised to consider picking it up. is running a ~$30 sale on it periodically so if you watch their site or sign up for their email notifications chances are good you can pick it up on the cheap. I liked it so much I bought the developer’s previous games, the Warhammer 40k series. They produced 3 expansion packs for that series so there’s a great chance we will see expansions to Company of Heroes as well. Here’s hoping – I can’t wait for more.

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