A movie dilemma

Goodfellas, Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Casino, Raging Bull…Martin Scorsese has produced some of the greatest films of my lifetime, and even his ‘failures’ are worth watching. He has a new movie out, The Departed, that’s getting almost universal praise (an almost unprecedented 95% score on rottentomatoes.com, for example). The dilemma is this – the film is an english language remake of a widely praised hong kong movie, Infernal Affairs, which I happen to have sitting in my DVR. Were you me, would you watch the original or the remake first? Were it anyone but Scorsese, I’d watch the original first but in this case I’m torn.

0 thoughts on “A movie dilemma

  1. Drew says:

    I understand your predicament. In this case I would watch Scorsese’s film first, then the original, then watch Scorsese’s again.
    I think if you watch the original your opinion of the remake will be tainted.


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