ars technica confirms how badly US broadband offerings suck

Check out this ars technica piece on the sorry state of broadband implementations in the US. 100Mbs symetrical is ~$35 a month in Japan. You cannot come remotely close to touching that in the US, where most of us are lucky to get asymetrical 5Mbps down/768kps up offerings at ~$60/month. Has the free market failed us, the country which invented the internet? Or is it simply a failure of our legislatures? All I know is it’s pathetic. None of this is news to regular readers but I can’t resist another opportunity to bitch about it. This stuff is seriously, seriously holding us back. The explosion of participatory media, also popularized in this country (think ‘youtube’) is but the latest example of possibilities inhibited. Kindly take this stuff into account when you vote, it sounds like hyperbole but this is our economic future we’re trading on here.

0 thoughts on “ars technica confirms how badly US broadband offerings suck

  1. dlh says:

    Stop using their VOIP solution. Gizmo and Skype both provide MUCH cheaper options, though the handsets are still a bit spendy for the good ones, and you’d need one of the good ones to pass the Patty Principle.


  2. Drew says:

    Even if I stop using their VOIP it won’t reduce the bill that much as they “bundle” the services. So, cancel one aspect of service and the cost on the TV & BB goes up.
    Even their “bundled” service isn’t really a good deal. I paid $105/mo for tv&BB when I was in MA with Charter, and the phone tended to be 50-60 depending on long distance. The only way RR’s bundled service is good is if you whale on the phone as it is a flat rate.

    The complete lack of competition in the localized markets is killing us.


  3. dlh says:

    agreed on the lack of competition killing us. As to the bundling stuff, yeah…maybe you would only save $10 a month and then it’s not worth it. Do you guys use the phone that much? I basically don’t use it at all and just rely on my cell for those few occasions when I need it.


  4. Drew says:

    I have tried pushing for a cell phone only plan in the household, but I get vetoed by the evil one. She refuses to let Stan vote on these issues, or tries to get the cats votes to count, which we all know is not going to happen. Cats can’t vote, only dogs!


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