New gallery posted

What a great weekend I had. I was headed to Lake George in upstate New York for a long weekend camping trip and decided to take back roads through Vermont rather than the highway. This added over an hour to the travel time (it ended up taking about 4 hours) but in return Soolin and I were treated to absolutely beautiful scenery. I cut west from route 89 in Vermont, taking rt’s 107 -> 100 -> 73 -> 74, which cut through the northern end of the Green Mountains National Forest, mostly by following rivers. It was spectacular, the more so because the rivers were all running very high after several days of rain. Plus rt 74 terminates on the west end at a cable ferry that crosses the southern end of Lake Champlain.

The camping itself was cool – lots of kids, several dogs, and many harried adults. I had a great time. There are pictures in my gallery, you can use the links at the top of the page to access it. The weather ended up being decent too.

On the way back I took a similar route – all back roads, this time rt 22 -> 7 -> 9, and from there back onto 91 south and home. Great great stuff, I think I have finally found my playground to replace the mountains of the adirondacks.

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