Grandpa Fisher and the ginormous sandwich

Another amusing story about my Grandfather Fisher that will help folks understand from whence my sense of humor came. This one happened when I was 10 or 11 years old. My Grandparents would sometimes take us into a train-themed restaurant in Akron or Canton. I think it was in an old train station and they had extensive train paraphernalia on the walls and an elaborate model railroad installation upstairs. While we were ordering an odd exchange took place between the waitress and my Grandfather that I noticed but couldn’t figure out. The reasons for it became clear when the food arrived at the table, because the server had to have help bringing out a 4′ long sub, the kind of thing you would order to feed a softball team or something, which they plopped down in front of my Grandfather. My sister, cousin and I were incredulous: ‘you going to eat that Grandpa?!? My Grandfather played at being surprised and chagrined and made much hay of being the big man about it an accepting it – ‘I ordered it, I’ll just have to eat it all,’ while my Grandmother gave him grief. The amazing thing is he did eat almost the entire thing, and my Grandfather was not a large man – 5’6″ at most and slender.

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