Screw blister packaging

I’ve ranted about this before, but since Wired ran a piece recently, I’ll rant again. How many times have you cut your fingers on the blister-style plastic packaging so many things come in these days? I could care less about retailer’s shrinkage problems (ie theft) – there are better ways to solve this than subjecting all customers to risk and inconvenience because a small percentage of them will steal. This is an occasion where I actually wish for a ridiculous class-action lawsuit against one or more of the retailers to try and force them into changing their practices.

The article’s interesting in that it points out this packaging trend is largely about shrinkage. I had figured it was about protecting the product from breakage in shipping.

0 thoughts on “Screw blister packaging

  1. Jesse says:

    Yeah, we have to use that when we do stuff for Target. Anything that gets opened up on the shelf gets returned to us as defective and we have to reimburse them. So, I second your thought that it’s not all about theft…


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