Neomem – novel outliner/personal organizer/knowledgebase tool for Windows

Neomem is pretty interesting. Macs are really far ahead of Windows in this application space, with a ton of tools (Mori, Tao, MyMind, Omnioutliner, Process, Dossier, Devonthink, to name just a few) available. There are plenty of windows outliner/todo apps as well, but the majority of them are clones with little to distinguish between them and most focused primarily on outlining. Neomem offers something more – it’s basically an outliner combined with a word processor and a free form database. It’s free, open source, and under active development. Check it out of your desk is overflowing with stickies, or if you’re a longtime Keynote user who needs something to move your data to now that Keynote’s not being developed anymore.

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