warzone 2100 – great free open source Real Time Strategy game

Back in the day Warzone 2100 was one of the really fantastic Real Time Strategy games. It was overshadowed by Total Annihilation, and rightfully so, TA was a great game. Warzone 2100 was great in its own right though, and did a number of things really well, including being 3d with 3d units and allowing you to custom build your units from a very deep pool of elements. You could custom build units from various components – chasis, weapons platforms, propulsion systems and so on.

Unfortunately there’s never been a sequel, but the developers did release the source code a couple of years ago, and the result of that has been a community effort to keep the game alive. It’s today’s friday fun link – check out the sourceforge site for the game, and if you feel up to it, challenge me. I’ve got a very rainy weekend to look forward to and welcome the chance to beat upon someone.

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