Reality intrudes on my virtuality

So I’m sitting at work, writing up notes for a meeting tomorrow. My office is dark – I much prefer indirect lighting to overhead lighting so I never have it on. I have a dual monitor setup and on the second monitor, I notice what appears to be a bug crawling across my web browser’s screen. I think to myself ‘evil javascript!’ figuring it is some dhtml/javascript deal, and slide the mouse over to the other screen to investigate, trying to click on it, and when that doesn’t work, loading the source code up in another tab to see what’s what. Finding nothing, I launch spybot seek and destroy, worrying that I’ve got something worse going on. As I do this, I observe the bug crawl outside the browser window and suddenly it dawns on me – it’s a real bug! A vile tick, to make matters worse, which I quickly snatch up with a post-it, then seal it to it with some tape.

It turns out that in a dark room a bug crawling on my screen is silhouetted by the back lighting, making for a perfect little optical illusion. I had a good laugh over it, though it still freaks me out that a tick randomly showed up in my office. Soolin hasn’t been with me at the office for several days because of the weather so it seems likely it came from somewhere else.

0 thoughts on “Reality intrudes on my virtuality

  1. Drew says:

    That it was a tick is the worst thing. I have heard a lot of people say that the lack of winter is making this a very bad tick season. I had to yank one of off Stan the other day, and found one crawling on my arm the same day.


  2. dlh says:

    I have yet to find one on me or Soolin this season, but to be honest I am beginning to conclude that it’s functionally impossible to find the lyme’s carrying ticks underneath Soolin’s impenetrable fur coat ;-(

    I inspect her every night at bedtime, consistently, all the same, but the lyme’s carrying ticks are so small, and her coat is so dense, I have no faith that I would notice if she had even a dozen of them on her.


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