Panorama of the land behind my house

I posted a panorama of the land behind my house in my image gallery. It’s a Quicktime VR, meaning you need Quicktime to check it out, and meaning that you can click and drag within the image to look around. It’s in the ‘Misc photos II’ gallery, or you can go directly to it.

My house is behind the red barn. You can spot the ghost of Soolin if you pan around in the shot, and if you look at the treeline when you pan around you can see the mountain range that is a couple of miles south.

0 thoughts on “Panorama of the land behind my house

  1. dlh says:

    Yeah she is rolling about. Basically ‘ghosts’ like that happen when the stitching software used to make these panoramas can’t find a match of an object in two adjacent photographs. In this case Soolin was playing while I was shooting the images, so she’s in one frame and by the time I took the next one she had run off somewhere off camera. The stitching software then leaves the ‘ghost,’ which is like a blending of what it finds at the same physical place across two images – so half Soolin there, and half, just grass.


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