Got Yahoo? Get the beta, but do it quick

So the much improved yahoo webmail client has been in beta for more than a year now, and they’ve been slowly rolling it out to their customer base. If you’re impatient and want to get in on the beta without waiting, follow these instructions over on I just did it now (24th, around 9PM) and it was still working fine for me. In brief this is taking advantage of a glitch in their system but it seems harmless enough, but use at your own risk.

I’ll also observe that having played around with it, they’ve failed to learn one of the lessons of gmail – yes, gmail has ajaxy goodness, but it’s also drop dead simple and loads relatively quickly. The yahoo mail beta fails on both those counts. Still, it’s an improvement over the existing yahoo webmail client.

0 thoughts on “Got Yahoo? Get the beta, but do it quick

  1. Drew says:

    Geez, if I stepped in a steaming pile of Stan goodness, THAT would be an improvement on the current Yahoo mail. It should just be called Yahoo Spam.
    Buuut, you have peaked my curiosity, so I will check out this new mail client of theirs.


  2. dlh says:

    I don’t really have spam problems with my yahoo email, I wonder why you do? I actually use it as my spam filter – whenever I sign up for something online, the yahoo address is the one I give out. Their spam filters seem to do a pretty good job insulating me though.

    As to their new webmail client – yeah, aside from being sluggish and too busy interface-wise, it’s good, and definitely an improvement over their old one.

    It comes from the old oddpost, which yahoo bought several years ago. Why it’s taking them this long to migrate I don’t know.


  3. Drew says:

    I believe that because I hand my Yahoo account out when I have to provide an email address, is the reason why I get spammed so bad. Most of it winds up in the bulk email folder, but a lot still gets through to the inbox.
    Gmail on the other hand, does very well at filtering spam.

    On another note. I only just found out that when you operate a vehicle in RO that you can scroll your mouse wheel to get better views. In the tank that applies to both driver and gunner. I am an imbecile. Makes driving the half track and tanks much easier.


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