How I manage to watch so many movies

For whatever reason a couple folks emailed me about this recently. Maybe because I just updated the movie review section, who knows (it’s on the right in the links section). Anyway, it’s not a huge secret – basically since I’m single and have a lot of free time, I get to see a lot of movies. I also do a lot of ‘watch movie while working on laptop on the couch,’ and a lot of the movies I see are when I’m in this mode, especially the mediocre to crappy movies, which I tend to watch when I know I’ll only half pay attention whilst I’m working on something else. Lastly, I eat dinner in front of the tv, and generally watch at least half of a movie every night over dinner.

I stopped posting the movie reviews to the weblog because most of the time I only have a sentence or two to say about any given movie, and because if I posted to the weblog for every movie I watched, the reviews would quickly drown out everything else. The use of the wiki is sort of an experiment – so far it’s working ok, though I might end up folding the content back into the site, we’ll see how it goes.

And yes, I know I’m behind on the book reviews section, I’ll get to it when I can.

0 thoughts on “How I manage to watch so many movies

  1. Drew says:

    Since we got DVR Patty has been recording The young and the restless. I know more about that show than I should now. It doesn’t look good for Nick and Sharon. Victor just fired Phylis and Gloria is going to get busted for murder one of these days.
    On a brighter note. Mantown has a tv now. It is only 20 inches, and has mono audio. No tv was ever better. It could be black and white and it wouldn’t matter, so long as it was downstairs with me, in mantown, hiding…. HELP ME !!! Oh the humanity !!!


  2. dlh says:

    Hmm, you need to retreat to mantown and watch szwazzeneger and stalone movies to scrub that soap opera bs from your system, that’s my advice. Or institute some kind of democratic process to the family time tv watching agenda, between you and Stan you ought to win most of those votes….unless Stan is now hooked on soaps too, in which case you’re hosed.



  3. dlh says:

    ps: how a guy who has a name no one but his mother can spell managed to become gov. of california is one of those mysteries that’s unlikely to ever be solved.


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